COVID-19 Documentation

We have carried out a risk assessment on opening up the hall again. The government guidelines for village/community halls strongly advises additional special terms and conditions as part of risk mitigation for hiring the hall. The maximum number of people in the hall under these guidelines for the size of our hall is 30.

Please ensure you read and fully understand the risks and the division of responsibilities of Woodbury Community Hall (Axminster) and those of the hirer before making a booking. For those that are not familiar with the hall and the impact of COVID restrictions, it is required to arrange a meeting at the hall prior to the event so that all parties can fully understand each other’s requirements.

Here are the links to the documents.

  1. Risk assessment (Copy on hall notice board)
  2. Special terms and conditions of hire during COVID-19 (Copy on Hall notice board)
  3. Latest Government guidelines – What has changed – 9th September
  4. Meeting with others safely (social distancing)
  5. Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities

For those interested, there is an App to take part in the COVID Symptom Study  This is a citizens’ science application with just over 4 million people in the UK reporting each day.  The more people reporting the better the picture.

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Last updated: September 12, 2020 at 11:45 am