Food Handlers precautions

Food Handlers – Please observe the following precautions.

You are responsible for food safety and hygiene standards when preparing and serving food.

Please observe the following precautions.  

  1. If you suspect you may have any diarrhoea or stomach upset, skin nose or throat infection, you must not handle food.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly :
  • Before touching food
  • After preparing fresh meat, poultry or fish
  • After using the lavatory
  • After blowing your nose
  • Before serving food
  • After handling waste/refuse
  1. Do not cough, sneeze or spit over food.
  2. Do not smoke or allow animals in the kitchen.
  3. Wear clean clothes and a protective apron, or over clothes, at all times when preparing food.
  4. Use a waterproof dressing (preferably a blue one) on cuts, sores or any abrasions and keep the dressing clean.  Wear a thin rubber glove if necessary.
  5. Always use clean utensils suitable for the job at hand.
  6. Always use clean cloths for washing, wiping or drying.
  7. Do not use chipped or cracked crockery or cutting boards.  Put them on one side to be destroyed.
  8. Clean as you go and wipe up spillages as they occur.
  9. Keep prepared foods covered and at the correct temperatures. Keep fish, meat vegetables or dairy products and foods containing them either below 8’C or, if they are cooked and waiting to be served, above 63’C.   Keep raw and cooked foods separate, use separate cutting boards and utensils.
  10. Keep the waste bin properly covered at all times. Remove waste from the kitchen after hire.
  11. When you have finished your preparations, please wash and dry everything you have used and put it away, and thoroughly clean the sink and work surfaces.