Newsletter April 2019

This newsletter is to provide users of the hall with information on the key activities undertaken by the Woodbury Community Hall Committee since the October 2018 newsletter. Users are more than welcome to attend our meetings to help us with our plans and ideas for the future. All opinions and ideas will be welcomed. The dates for the meetings are on the website under ‘Hall Information’

● We have now been awarded grants from both the Axe Vale show and the Lottery Fund. This will enable us to move forward with the next stage of refurbishment.

● New doors to the main entrance are on order and due to be fitted in early May.

● Replacement gates have now fitted to the front entrance.

● The flooring in the toilets has now been replaced with new safety flooring.

● New flooring in the lobby area will be carried out after the external refurbishment.

● Repairs to the external walls will be carried out prior to external redecorating.

● The Fish & Chip Quiz supper held on 10th November 2018 was a great success

● Cleaning of the hall continues to be carried out by Top to Bottom Cleaning Services (Honiton).

● An Open Day, is planned for 27th April 2019, so users of the hall can meet and share views etc.


● The charges for booking the hall will be reviewed on a yearly basis at the AGM. The current charges are :-

○ £7.50 per hour for one off bookings.

○ £6.00 per hour for regular bookings.

A few important reminders to the user community.

● Check the website for the latest information on the hall.

● Before vacating the hall please ensure that:-

○ All internal doors are closed and external doors are locked.

○ All windows are closed.

○ Curtains are closed.

○ The hot water heater in the kitchen is turned off.

○ All food is removed from the fridge and that the fridge is switched off and left ajar.

○ All lights are turned off.

○ Please do not leave wet tea towels over the kitchen work surfaces. Please use the towel rails and hooks provided..

○ Do not forget to get your block bookings to the bookings secretary well in advance of the start of your next term or booking period.

● If there is an accident in the hall, or on the hall’s premises, please ensure that you complete the form on the website. Follow the link on the ‘Contact Us’ web page.

● If there is a problem with the hall or on the hall’s premises, that needs bringing to our attention, please ensure that you complete the form on the website. Follow the link on the ‘Contact Us’ web page.

Roger Gallagher, Chairman of the Woodbury Community Hall Committee, April 2019