The kitchen is equipped with plates and cutlery for up to 100 people.

Kitchen appliances.

The electricity for the kitchen appliances, including the hot water, is via the kitchen coin meter located in the electricity cupboard in the small room in the corner of the hall.

Fridge – There is one large larder fridge. At the end of the hire period please ensure the fridge is empty and that the door is left slightly open.

Hobs & Ovens –  There is one gas oven & hob and one electric oven and hob together with a microwave. The gas oven & hob is supplied by propane cylinders on the outside of the building, these are not user changeable If they run out during the hire please report using online form.

Facilities for making hot drinks –  There are kettles plus a large urn. Please do not move the urn when full of hot water.

Hot water in the kitchen.

Hot Water for Washing up.

Hot water for washing up is provided via the mixer taps from an under sink water heater unit.

The heater is operated by the water heater switch on the wall to the right of the main sink.  No temperature adjustment is necessary.

Please note it take 10 minutes to reach temperature so switch on in plenty of time. Please switch off after use.

Instant hand wash over the smaller sink.

To start the hand-wash unit Turn the temperature control anti-clockwise and the water will begin to flow. The flow of water is controlled by the combined start/stop temperature control. 

To obtain warm water turn the control slowly anti-clockwise to the mid position (fig.15).

If the water is too hot, turn the control slowly clockwise towards the lower numbers (fig.16). 

If the water is too cool, turn the control slowly anti-clockwise towards the higher numbers (fig.17). 

NOTE: There will always be a short time delay between selecting a flow rate and reaching the stable temperature for that flow rate.

To stop the hand-wash unit:

Turn the temperature control fully clockwise to ⏀ position, and water will cease to flow.